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Bishop Michele:-

Fund Raising by the Friends of the Diocese of Uruguay

Bishop Miguel Tamayo and Cathy HarrisonIn 2005, our Treasurer, Cathy Harrison, sadly died. Cathy, who originally had been a member of St. James, Birstall, Leicester, had worked for our Church in Uruguay for a period of time (1995) and developed a great attraction to the work in the Diocese and the people of Uruguay. On her return, she was instrumental in the formation of the "Friends", Cathy was determined to offer as much help as she could to further the work of the Diocese. She worked tirelessly in fund-raising and as our Treasurer.

Our picture shows Cathy with Bishop Miguel and his wife, Marta.

Following her death through illness, her mother, Sheila, has taken over as Treasurer, knowing how important this was to Cathy. Her father, John is also a member of our Committee.

Also following Cathy's death, many donations were made in her memory, and during a visit of a party of the "Friends" to Uruguay in November 2006, John and Sheila presented a cheque to the Diocese.

With John and Sheila's support, the Diocese decided to use the funds in Cathy's memory to build a much needed new Church of the Holy Spirit in the Fatima neighbourhood of Salto, an area dear to Cathy's heart. Some photos of the construction and from the Consecration service at the end of March 2008 are shown below:-

Photographs of the Church under construction

Holy Spirit Salto Foundations - 1 Holy Spirit Salto Foundations - 2 Holy Spirit Salto Foundations - 3 Two weeks on into the build Two weeks on into the build - rear view

February 2000 Photo 1 February 2000 Photo 2 February 2000 Photo 3 February 2000 Photo 4 February 2000 Photo 5

Photographs from the Consecration of the Completed Church

From the Consecration 8
The Harrison Family:-

From the Consecration 1
From the Consecration 7
From the Consecration 2
From the Consecration 4
From the Consecration 5
From the Consecration 6

Fund Raising, supporting the work of the Diocese of Uruguay, part of the Anglican Communion

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