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Bishop Michele:-

No longer being made

Hand Painted Wooden Crosses from the Diocese of Uruguay

San Esteban’s Church and Hostel, Uruguay – demonstrating God’s love by supporting those living in poverty who are HIV+


Selection of Painted CrossesThe Friends of the Diocese of Uruguay made arrangements to bring several hand painted crosses to the United Kingdom. All proceeds went to the Diocese in Uruguay to help to continue the support for the San Esteban Hostel.
We're sorry, but the crosses are no longer being made and we have no remaining stock.

San Esteban Parish and Hostel

San Estaban Hostel
The Parish of San Esteban, Montevideo, Uruguay began with many years of missionary work. Meetings initially took place in a local family home as the community developed a vision for the parish.

In September 2002, a new chapel was opened. In the same building, the parish opened a hostel to assist people living with HIV/AIDS who were in poverty and had nowhere to live. The church felt called to reach out to and work with this population, having encountered the problems of those who were HIV+ who came from the rural areas to Montevideo for treatment but had nowhere to stay and no family to support them and who ended up on the streets.

Through it’s holistic mission to meet both the material and spiritual needs of those in need, the San Esteban project demonstrates God's love for every person no matter what their circumstances.

The work of San Esteban Hostel

The hostel functions in co-ordination with the public health service and offers a range of support services for those in poverty who are HIV+. The project is co-coordinated by a doctor with the support of two nurses, and is able to provide a full range of medical support and advice. The hostel provides residential accommodation for those who are HIV+ who would other wise be living on the streets or in other inadequate situations. Residents live in community and share household tasks. The circumstances of those helped by the project change over time and many former residents also use the services of the hostel. They come for meals, to use the facilities and for support and advice. Some return as volunteers to assist in the running of the project. Pastoral support is always available and there are regular prayer times at the hostel. Many residents choose to participate in the life of the church.

The crosses

Working on Crosses 1 An important aspect of the project is helping beneficiaries to find employment, and to participate in worthwhile and fulfilling tasks such as arts and craftwork activities. The sale of items such as the little wooden crosses raises much needed income for those the project assists, and for the running costs of the hostel."

Working on crosses - 2

Part of the message of commitment of the San Esteban Hostel, proclaimed Easter 2003:-

The dignity of every person, in every moment and in all circumstances is what has called us to come together to reflect and plan actions in the crisis presented by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. As followers of Christ…we want to come together through the San Esteban Hostel to raise our voices to pronounce words of hope and unity and to denounce situations of injustice and exclusion. With the objective of breaking the silence that has, for many years, brought pain and death, we want to… demonstrate what Jesus himself has taught us, both in our words and in our commitment to pastoral action.

Staff, residents, volunteers from the hostel and members of the congregation, after a recent baptism.

San Estaban Party

Decorated wooden crosses from the Diocese of Uruguay, part of the Anglican Communion

Another Large Order

A couple of years ago, we completed another large order for 320 crosses. This has taken us to nearly the 1000 mark for crosses sold on behalf of San Estaban.

From Autumn 2006 - 

The Communications team supporting the Archbishop of Canterbury first purchased a number of San Estaban painted crosses for the Archbishop to use as small gifts when he visits members of the Anglican Communion.

This was wonderful news for the Diocese and in particular for the staff and residents of San Estaban and is such encouragement.

Of course, this now means that the crosses are in great demand - so get your order in now !

The Archbishop's office continues to have repeat orders.

Order Status

We've delivered over 1000 crosses.

Father Brian Retires

Father Brian Smith presented one of the San Estaban crosses to each of his parishioners on his retirement.

Father Brian Smith on retirement presenting crosses to his congregation

Diocese of Bath and Wells

The Diocese gave each attendee at their 2008 Diocesan Conference one of our crosses.