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Friends of the Diocese of Uruguay

The Friends of the Diocese of Uruguay was a group of individuals in the United Kingdom committed to praying and working on behalf of the Diocese of Uruguay. It is in the process of winding down. However, funds are still desperately needed by the Diocese. Donations can be channelled through the Diocese of Uruguay UK bank account, administered in the UK by Nick Roberts.

Last Friends Newsletter - Spring 2016 online plus issues of "Town Crier" (last July 2017)

- the Diocese commenced a regular newsheet "The Town Crier" in late 2013. The current issue 46 (July 2017) and recent previous issues are available on our Newsletter Page.

Plus -  the Diocese' Facebook Page

And now, there's the newsletter of the Anglican Alliance, available also from our Newsletter page

Plus -  photo sequences  on the Newsletter Page. Also an album of Rev'd Charles' photos from his visit in November 2015 here.

The group was formed in 1993 following a sabbatical visit by the Revd. Charles Bradshaw to the Province of the Southern Cone of America. The head of the Anglican Church in Uruguay at the time, Bill Godfrey, who'd been consecrated Bishop in the late 1980s, was instrumental together with Charles and a young lady, Cathy Harrison who'd worked as a volunteer in Uruguay, in stimulating the formation of the Group. Following the establishment of Uruguay as an independent Diocese in the late 1980s, and its expansion under the guidance of Bishop William, the need for ongoing support was emphasised.

Michele Pollesel, a Canadian and fluent Spanish speaker was our Bishop when he took over from Miguel Tamayo, a Cuban national, who had worked in Uruguay for some time and was consecrated Bishop when Bishop William left to take over as Bishop of Peru.

Currently, there is no Bishop. A Vicar-General, David George, has been appointed by the Archbishop, Gregory Venables, to run the church in Uruguay on an interim basis.

Through prayer, fundraising activities, visits, a regular newsletter and encouragement, the group is intimately involved in the ongoing development of the Anglican Church of Uruguay. Its primary aim is to raise funds for the support of the Diocese, both for specific Project work and for the support of normal Diocesan activities.

Please read our separate pages about our fund raising activities and how funds are used in Uruguay.

If you would like to become a "Friend" and help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bishops of the Southern Cone meet with Archbishop Justin in Santiago, Chile, 7 Sep 2014 The photo above shows Bishops and some Clergy from the Southern Cone meeting with Archbisop Justin Welby in Santiago, Chile, on 7th September, 2014.

One of the Diocese' projects is the HiV hostel of San Estaban. One previous resident of the hostel, Gabriela painted small wooden crosses for sale to help raise funds for the ongoing support of the hostel. Several of the crosses were bought on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury for him to give to visitors. Please see our page on the crosses for more detail.

Revd. Charles Bradshaw, one of our Committee Members, organised a visit to Uruguay for a small group of friends to co-incide with the consecration of a new Church in Salto. Please follow the links to Fund Raising for photos of the new Church of the Holy Spirit, Salto.

Nick, our Secretary, has some video footage of various Diocesan Projects and of most of the service of Consecration of the Church of the Holy Spirit, in Salto. If you would like a copy of the video footage (available in DVD format), please contact Nick. There will be a small charge to cover the cost of the DVDs and postage. The available DVDs are:-

Supporting the work of the Diocese of Uruguay, part of the Anglican Communion

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The Diocese has its own website. Whilst predominantly in Spanish, many pages are translated into English.

Our Links page will enable you to follow links to relevant pages on the Diocese' website.

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Painted wooden crosses from San Estaban


We're sorry, but the popular wooden crosses are no longer being made and we now have no stock remaining.